Birla White Cement
Location of plant Rajasthan
Address Kharia Khangar Post, Tashilka Bhopal Gadh, Dist Jodhpur Rajasthan
Tel. No. 02920-64223 -
Fax. No. 64235 02920-64225
DOC * 1988
Range of Products White Cement
Capacity MTPA 0.36
Brand Names Birla White and Glass Reinforced Concrete

Birla White

Located at Kharia Khangar (Rajasthan), this plant was commissioned in 1988 in technical collaboration with Onoda (Japan). Starting with a capacity of 80,000 TPA, the plant was expanded in technical collaboration with Nihon (Japan). Currently, with an installed capacity of 360,000 TPA, this is the largest while cement plant in South East Asia and one of the ten largest cement plants in the world.

This Unit has the following special features:

  • Entire manufacturing system with computerized controls, fuzzy logic and X-Ray Analyser to ensure consistent quality.
  • Low Sulphur Heavy Stock/Residual Fuel Oil used instead of coal, as fuel for the Kiln to prevent contamination by coal ash.

White Cement is used in applications such as Terrazzo flooring, Grit Wash, Cement Wash and Putty. When used as a plaster finish such as Stone Crete, Marble finish and Tyrolean, it provides elegant designs for the exterior walls.

As slurry, it enhances the beauty of marble flooring and is widely used for grouting and pointing. It is also used to manufacture Cement Paint, Mosaic Tiles and Interlocking Paver Tiles, Glass Reinforced Concrete, attractive artifacts and Balustrades.

To fulfill customer needs in niche segments, Birla White has introduced two new products - Birla White GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) and Birla White wall Care Putty.

Birla White Glass Reinforced Concrete - is a versatile mouldable, lightweight finishing material for simple or decorative elevations. It consists of Birla White Cement, quartz sand, alkali resistant glass fibres and additives. Synthetic oxide colours are added to get the desired shades to make it resemble any natural stone or exposed brick or wood etc. It combines the established compressive properties of cement mortars with valuable flexural and tensile strength properties contributed by the special glass fibres. The slender, sharper and lightweight GRC elements can enhance the internal or external looks of existing or proposed building. GRC elements are supplied in precast form for installation at site.

Given its distinctiveness, Birla White has become a brand that is synonymous with white cement.